Global brands require a design sensibility that is truly cross cultural along with an intimate knowledge of changing fashion and design trends in different countries of the world.

Further, footwear industry is subject to fads and retailers want new designs at the shortest possible notice. Too late into the market and the fad may be over resulting in dead stock or stock to be sold at a discount. Hence, the ability to anticipate trends, understand fashion dynamics and translate these sensibilities into compelling designs in the shortest possible time is an important function to remain relevant in international markets on a consistent basis.

Mirza International’s strong and expert in-house design team is a key differentiator which sets it apart from other players in the industry. In fact, Mirza is amongst the only Indian overseas suppliers to design the shoes in-house. Thus by owning the Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), the Company is at a vantage point vis-à-vis other local manufacturers.

The specialized in-house design team coordinate with each other and keep themselves updated on the latest changes in footwear designs throughout the world. In addition to this, the design teams regularly conduct trend and marketplace analysis to understand changing requirements of the market. This ensures that Mirza brands and products are always in vogue and have a strong identity, translating to higher sales. Approximately 5000 new designs created every year - for shoes, garments, belts and accessories.

The other key strengths of the Design & Development function are enumerated below:
Two in-house designing studios in India
More than 40 skilled designers employed
Design team working closely with global sales teams and customers
Key specialist teams focusing on specific critical areas of the shoe making business
Regular participation in fashion shows and exhibitions