Trends are changing faster than ever before, and footwear has witnessed the coming and going of fashion fads.

In such circumstances, overproduction of out of fashion styles and under production of in trend styles can have impact sales and profitability. Our seamless Supply Chain Management ensures that the right design is available at the right time, every time and everywhere.

With an integrated operation that spans design, tannery, manufacturing and supply chain management, Mirza International is a nimble company that leverages its supply chain capabilities to drive high revenues. Lead time for shoes to reach customers is only 25 days. With shoes being designed and manufactured in India and then sent to customers across the world, our impressive lead time enables Mirza brands and products to be available on the shop shelf at the right time and translate this availability into revenues.

Our design centre is connected to our manufacturing with CAD/CAM facilities to ensure that the time gap from design to production is minimized.

Strategic marketing tie-ups and agents in all countries such as UK, France, Germany, America and South Africa ensure that our products and brands are readily available to our customers.