As a Company which manufactures and markets its own brands in the global markets, as well as supplies to reputed international retailers, Delivering products which are truly world-class is of prime importance. It is this hall-mark of superior quality and style that enables our products to remain relevant and be recognized by our customers and markets.

Imbibing technology and embracing innovation across our entire business operations, we are able to offer products which stand out for excellence and individuality in design, quality and craftsmanship.

Integrated technology across the manufacturing and marketing function, enabling us to deliver superior products to the end user.
In-house research & development facility to facilitate the manufacture of ideal leathers that meet ever-changing manufacturing needs.
In-house quality testing lab.
Engaging leather technologists for driving efficiencies and innovation to meet new and emerging requirements such as home-decor, automobile sector etc.
Engaging fashion forecasters who travel the world, bringing in relevant and futuristic ideas.
Employing range builders to develop product range as per brand and market to enhance product relevance.
Recruiting footwear designers to design footwear as per requirement.
Engaging footwear technicians who are involved in end-to-end product development - from material selection to designing to production.
An in-house sample factory, equipped with the latest CAD CAM machinery and state-of-the-art equipment, has been set up to support the designing and manufacturing function.