Integrated operations

Integrated operations

Establishing a strong-market position with integrated manufacturing and distribution operations.

From In-House Production Of High-Quality Leather To Advancing Our Own Lifestyle Brands

At Mirza International, our integrated operations, including in-house tannery, design studios, and manufacturing units, have propelled our success in the global footwear industry. With a focus on experiential retail and in-house marketing expertise, we deliver high-quality leather footwear and market our lifestyle brands worldwide. Our brands are also available at third-party stores and at various online platforms. The integrated setup enables us to optimise concept-to-market lead time, ensure product quality, deliver a superior experience and be in-step with our evolving consumer.







Designs created
every year

Our globally-admired designs are inspired by our intimate knowledge of fashion
and trends in different countries and brought to life at our design studios.

We have an expert in-house design and development team that works closely with our global sales team to gather consumer insights and market intelligence. This knowledge translates into compelling designs for our footwear, apparels and accessories.

The services of our in-house team helps us to speed up product innovation. Our design centre and manufacturing units are connected by CAD/CAM, which further minimises the gap between design and manufacturing. Our success in innovation is also driven by specialist teams focussed on critical areas of footwear making. New product options at regular intervals keep our consumers engaged and interested in our brands, leading to fresh purchases.

We are among the few/only Indian overseas footwear suppliers to design our products in-house. As we own the Intellectual Property rights for our products, it protects our unique designs from being infringed upon.



million sq. ft.




million pairs
Annual footwear
manufacturing capacity
every year

Our integrated facilities, expertise and strict adherence to high quality
standards have made us an admired manufacturer and preferred global supplier.

Our tannery, which is among the largest facilities in India, provides a steady supply of quality leather for our footwear units. Modern processes and machinery at the tannery enable high productivity, drive cost efficiencies, conserve energy and water, and minimise negative environmental impact. In-house research & development facility and the expertise of our leather technologists also facilitate the manufacture of customised solutions for niche sectors such as automotive industry and home décor.

Leather footwear production is undertaken at company-owned integrated manufacturing facilities. We have 6 manufacturing units equipped with the latest machinery and technology. These are located across Unnao, Noida and Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh. The manufacturing facilities are supported by more than 25 dedicated ancillary units. Highly proficient footwear technicians are engaged at our facilities, who are involved in end-to-end product development – from material selection to designing to production. Our robust setup ensures seamless and uninterrupted operations as well as guarantees timely delivery of finished products.

Besides the above manufacturing capacities, we also outsource the production of footwear and apparels to other vendors who exclusively manufacture for us.


All our manufacturing facilities have SATRA accredited in-house laboratories for testing of raw materials and finished products. SATRA is recognised worldwide as a leading technical authority for footwear and leather goods.

Complete control over each stage of production and stringent checks ensure that our products are top quality. Regular inspection of intermediate products is also carried out at various units to maintain quality of end product. Quality inspection of finished products is undertaken batchwise. As per international norms, all our products are REACH compliant.


Our fast and streamlined supply chain is a key differentiator enabling our brands and products to be at the right place at the right time.

A huge network of own brand sales and white label exports requires an extremely efficient supply chain. Speed is incredibly important in our business to keep pace with fast-changing trends. Our design-to-market transition takes only 25 days. Supply chain agility enables us to stay close to our consumers and retailers, respond quickly to trends and ensure product availability. Alignment with consumer demand also helps our business to prevent inventory build-up, leading to leaner operations.

In India, we operate a direct e-commerce division in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. We are the first company in the country to set up such a structure. We have also built two warehouses to meet the growing preference for online purchases. Strategically located in the well-connected cities of Mumbai and Bengaluru, these warehouses help to drive product flow, delivery speed and consumer-centricity.