Thomas Crick

Thomas Crick

Thomas Crick was the original shoemaker of Leicester, England. He started business
in 1830 and is seen as one of the most influential people connected with the development
of shoe manufacturing.

He is generally considered to be the father of the Leicester shoe industry and was influential in modernising shoe making, using many new and innovative techniques. His factory was on Peacock Lane, an area that is steeped in history and an area still thrives 200 years later. The history of the Thomas Crick business is important to the brand today and inspires us to innovate and lead the market. This DNA and personality of Thomas Crick continues to influence the way we design and develop our brand.

Here at the Thomas Crick brand our ideology is to create classic footwear styles with a modern and contemporary twist. With this we are able to provide our audience with great style and high-quality leather shoes and boots at affordable prices.

Thomas Crick

Est. 1830

Be bold be stylish

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Affordable Authenticity

Original, yet on trend designs that are affordable and accessible to everyone. Heritage with a twist, styles to suit all occasions.

Offering great value our product balances high quality with accessable price points to a wide demographic.

High Quality

With decades of experience in shoe manufacturing, the Thomas Crick brand combines high quality leather shoes and boots with uncompromised comfort.

Utilising our state of the art manufacting techniques and the best materials, we are able to deliver high standards across our range.

Great Customer Experience

Appealing to and appreciating customers from all walks of life. Fully understanding the target audience and the direct consumer needs.

With seasonal collections we endevour to react and deliver on the latest trends, while continuing to grow our overall range.

Brand Values